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Welcome to G. Meyer Books and Spiritual Traveler Press, specializing in autobiographical novels and other works that blend memoir with fiction and touch on historical, spiritual, and contemporary social themes. We are interested in narratives that focus on self-awareness and spiritual seeking in the broadest sense, leading us to question who are we, why are we here, and where are we going.

Our Best Seller from G. Meyer Books

Big ‘n’ Nothin’ by James Edward Allen

Big or nothin’ is the credo of Pepper Hotwell, a professional gangster who specializes in armed robbery. Set in the ghetto of Gary, Indiana and Chicago’s south side in the late 1960s, his story is a raw, desperate, gun-slinging roll-of-the-dice fueled by drugs, sex, ambition, and pure will to survive. As he swashbuckles his way through a series of high profile heists, he demonstrates his willingness to follow his credo to its ultimate conclusion in his quest for the big score.

Our Featured Book from Spiritual Traveler Press

The Karma Seeker by Stefan G. Meyer

What is the true test of spirituality? Is it loyalty to a master, group, or teaching? Or is it having the courage to act on one’s deepest convictions, even in the face of disapproval and sanction? This is the question that confronts Kip Morgan. Kip is a karma seeker – an individual committed to testing himself by means of his own choices. For such people, who are engaged in an experiment with unknown forces, there is not way to prove that they are fit to discover what they seek except by doing it.

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The Years of the Klan Doctors by Joseph Webster

The principal author’s paranoia is painfully obvious throughout his narrative, which covers the last five years of a twelve-year prison term. He believes in a vast conspiracy organized by the Ku Klux Klan, and imagines himself as a chief target of this conspiracy. His evidence for this is based entirely on dreams, visions, and reading material that he interprets to fit his delusions.