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The Karma Seeker

by Stefan G. Meyer

The Karma Seeker is a far-reaching guidebook to contemporary spirituality. It presents the reader with the essential paradigm of the modern spiritual path-its highs and lows, its rewards and pitfalls.

Big ‘n’ Nothin’

by James Edward Allen

“Big or nothin'” is the credo of Pepper Hotwell, a professional gangster who specializes in armed robbery.

The Life-Sentence

by Stefan G. Meyer

The lesson of The Life Sentence is that in order to understand what’s really going on, we have to let go, let go of everything.

The End of Judaism

by Hajo G. Meyer

In The End of Judaism, Holocaust survivor Hajo G. Meyer passionately indicts Israeli policies toward the Palestinians as a betrayal of the Jewish ethical tradition.

Mario, a 35-year-old gay actor, knows he is dying. Obsessed with his memories, he traces the course of his life, exposing his voracious will to survive.

On the Phone

by Evelyn Grill

The feminist strivings of a professional woman in a provincial Austrian town are thwarted by her self-destructive attachments to the shallow men in her life.

The Biography Famous

by Alfred G. Meyer

Toward the end of a distinguished scholarly career in the field of political science, Alfred G. Meyer wrote a biography of Friedrich Engels and a memoir that looked back on his life and career.

A Life of Rebellion

by Hans Apel

This narrative, compiled from a series of taped interviews with his grandson in 1977, offers a compelling vision of the way that one can live a life of uncompromising principle and authenticity.

Card Chemistry

by Stefan G. Meyer

What are the inscrutable mechanics of life that allow us to get along with some people and pit us contentiously against others? In Card Chemistry, Stefan G. Meyer offers a key to this mysterious chemistry.

The Empty Cup

by Stefan G. Meyer

“I saw a woman, back turned to me, shoulders covered by the masses of her own dark hair. Suddenly, she turned round, and I saw that her face was wet with tears…” From The Empty Cup

I Call the Wolves

by Mario Wirz

Mario Wirz is wrestling with a problem of major proportions – the constant threat of death hanging over his shoulder. These poems hone in relentlessly on this topic, until one is inexorably affected by their stark, existential reality.

The Fantasist

by Stefan G. Meyer

In The Fantasist, Kip Morgan struggles with his loneliness and sexual insecurity in a narrative that includes graphic depictions of sexual fantasies. His experience will resonate with those who are still on the road to discovering that our most unconditionally loving relationship must ultimately be with ourselves.

Dialogue with the Demon

by Stefan G. Meyer

In Dialogue with the Demon, Kip Morgan assumes the role of a detective seeking clues to his ill health, confronting that part of himself which places obstacles in the path of his own well being.

Recommended Books

The Crossing

by Lela Ashkarian

The Crossing captures the essence of a young woman imbued with determination to not only survive, but to thrive.

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