The Experimental Arabic Novel

by Stefan G. Meyer

SUNY Press
323 pages

The Experimental Arabic Novel places the modern and contemporary Arabic novel in the context of the modernist-postmodern culture debate in the West. Tracing the development of experimentalism in the modern Arabic novel from the 1960s to the present, Meyer argues that it is possible to speak of distinct literary modernisms that have each evolved with a different set of characteristics, depending upon the nature of their historical antecedents. This approach to postcolonial literature offers a way to compare and contrast it meaningfully with Western literature without relying on inherently Western literary models.

“An exceptionally deep analysis of modernist developments in the Arabic novel of the Levant, evaluating its most recent experimental phase and clarifying the debate about modernism and postmodernism in relation to it among Arab critics, theoreticians, and others.”

– Issa J. Boullata, author of Trends and Issues in Contemporary Arab Thought

“The issues raised have been tackled by leading scholars in the field, but only in piecemeal fashion. The global view attempted here is unprecedented and illuminating.”

– Pierre, Cachia, author of An Overview of Modern Arabic Literature

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