The Fantasist

by Stefan G. Meyer

G. Meyer Books
142 pages

“They go to the pool after five. She has on the jeans, the high heels, and a knit blouse. He’s praying that there’s no one else there, and he gets his wish. They claim the two large lounge chairs at the end of the pool, and he pushes them as close together as possible. He points to the changing room, but she shakes her head. She has her swimsuit on underneath, she says. He’s already seated in one of the lounge chairs, about to take his shoes off, when she bends down, takes off her high heels, and unzips her jeans. They come slowly down, revealing a breathtaking French style bikini bottom made of tight, shimmering blue fabric, cinched high at the waist, and diving down in the most narrow V shape imaginable.

“She pulls the jeans down slowly, traveling down her silky thighs to her calves, and then to her ankles. As he stares at this performance, she looks down at him with a pleased smile on her face. Then she takes off the knit blouse to reveal a matching top that cups her breasts gently, giving a subtle hint as to the placement of the nipples. She lies down in the deck chair, which he’s pulled as close to his as possible, giving him a smile as innocent as if she were in a nun’s habit.”

The Fantasist is a story of obsession and infatuation. Kip Morgan struggles with his loneliness and sexual insecurity in a narrative that includes graphic depictions of sexual fantasies. His experience will resonate with those who have had to learn about the nature of love the difficult way, and who are still on the road to discovering that our most unconditionally loving relationship must ultimately be with ourselves.

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